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Discount on Tarot Reading

This week the Moon and Venus shared a rare kiss. Due to this auspicious celestial event, we are offering a discount on online Tarot Readings.

We are currently providing an online Tarot Reading session for $66, down from $80. This offer is valid until the 24th March 2020.

About Us

We are a cozy little space for those seeking personal growth, well-being, healing, and spirituality. Omroom is nestled in the central shopping area of Bangkok, bringing you healing from diverse modalities for those curious and serious in finding a positive balance in their lives. We offer wellness classes, private therapies, workshops, certified courses and corporate training, delivered by consultants with wonderful gifts and impeccable integrity.

Our supported modalities range from the clinical, such as Hypnotherapy, to the therapeutic, such as Reiki and Yoga. Omroom offers spiritual and wellness seekers a diverse range of modalities by appointment only. Please contact us to set up a session. Sessions via Skype or WhatsApp are also possible. Visit Omroom, Bangkok’s little spiritual haven and be well! Also be sure to check out Villa du Lac by Omroom for more information about our retreat programs.

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Festival du Féminin Jakarta

Saturday March 14th - Sunday March 15th 2020

A Transformative Journey for Women by Women


What Our Customers Have To Say

The most incredible 3 days of my life

Vicky B

New Zealand Flag

If you want to radically shift your life into a better place while experiencing a heavenly setting, with divine facilitators and incredible cuisine then look no further. I booked this retreat which was a complete leap of faith and all of my expectations where hugely surpassed. It’s hard to describe the magic of this place and what we experienced. Basically Mutsumi, who is the most loving, incredible healer tailored a unique few days of healing, love and laughter specific to our requirements. By the end of the three days we felt invigourated, transformed, released, renewed and left with incredible peace and happiness in our hearts. I loved, laughed, cried and made the most wonderful friendships I could wish for. Book a retreat, I promise you it will be one of the best things you will ever do.

Very powerful experience

Arianna Jimenez

USA Flag

I had one session of memory therapy. I didn't have prior experience with this or much other energy work, but I was intrigued by the description on the website. It was an incredibly intimate, moving, and powerful experience. After my session not only do I feel like I've release some old trauma, but the results have manifested in my physical body - my hip pain is gone! I've also had some really beautiful childhood memories, and it has helped me get clarity on what I want to do with myself in the immediate future. All of these benefits were unexpected (I didn't go in with many expectations). The day after my session I woke up with more energy than I've had in ages. I very much recommend a session of memory therapy with Mutsumi.

Truly amazing

Anke M


I had two amazing sessions with Mutsumi. She has an incredible gift to feel whats going on in ones body and several techniques to get rid of blocking energies. I met her in Bangkok and also in the very very beautiful villa in Hua Hin. I can only recommend a session. I would always go again when I am in Bangkok again. It's a pity it's so difficult to find such good people in Europe

A very positive experience


UK Flag

I took my 9 year old daughter to see Mutsumi as she had been having quite serious tummy problems and been in hospital. I have always believed that that sometimes we should mix traditional medicine with holistic treatments and this certainly proved to be the right approach for my daughter. It proved to be a very positive experience for me and my daughter and Mutsumi made her feel very relaxed and at ease. I would definitely recommend Mutsumi to everyone.